Segway of New Mexico Oregon Review


Segway of New Mexico advertised on eBay a parking stand that they claimed was compatible with all models of Segway. (I have proven this through records I have provided.) I needed a parking stand for my first-gen Segway, so I ordered the product and paid $80 plus shipping. The product I received was not compatible with all Segway models – it was a second-gen only stand, so that wouldn’t work for me. I contacted the company, and they told me to send the parking stand back to them and they would exchange it for a compatible model. I sent it back to them at my own expense, and the post office made three delivery attempts that Segway of New Mexico did not accept. The shipment was then returned to me. I contacted Segway of New Mexico and they told me to send it again, and I sent it at my own expense once again. This time they received the parking stand. (This has been proven by tracking number and by their own acknowledgement.) Segway of New Mexico never sent the replacement and never refunded any money. I filed complaints against Segway of New Mexico and Shawn Desmond with the Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney General, and Shawn began spreading vicious lies about me. He claimed that I was banned from a Segway discussion board for slandering his “good”” name (which is a blatant lie) and then eBay had already ruled in his favor on the dispute (which is also a blatant lie; I was unable to use eBay’s dispute resolution service because Shawn’s stalling pushed me past the deadline). Both complaints were closed in my favor

but they have still done nothing to rectify the situation. If you attempt to business with Segway of New Mexico

Shawn “”The Con”” Desmond will take your money and run. If you complain about it

he will slander you to the Segway community. I am not interested in reading any more of his lies

but I am posting this so at least everyone will know they should not do business with him under any circumstances.”

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By Ronald

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