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Complaint: On February 3, 2017 my computer was locked up with what was discribed to me as a bot. I asked who I was talking to and they replied they were techs for microsoft windows. They than told me the only way I could unlock was to get new software that my computer was not well protected by the webroot. I had renewed my webroot and microsotft office in June of 2016. I continued to question them even stating this was a scam. They than told me the only way to unlock the computer was to purchase Norton because the computer had already been taken over by the hackers. I told them I couldn’t aford the cost of $500.00 for the new software they tranfered me to someone different.I ended up paying $150.00 was told the hackers were now taking my banking info and I needed to hurry up. They would have to reprogram the entire computer I would loss anything not backed up and I would just have to tell them what was on the computer and they would make sure everything was reinstalled but I would have to install all apps. On March 1,2017 I received a call from computer support that someone was calling to make me repurchase Norton software again and not to purchase this. Today I opened the computer and a pop up said I was no longer covered by Norton that my free trial was over and I would need to reinstall. I tried calling the number on the invoice that had been sent with a Norton CD but no one was accepting calls on what I was told was a 24/7 number for support. I than called the number that came up on my cell phone but got the same recording. I hope you can help with this. Everything on this transaction was done by telephone. The card used was my mom’s.

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Address: 111 Prospect Ave Kirkwood, Missouri USA


Phone: 1 (888) 328-1742

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