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This woman his not only a homewrecker, but psychotic to say the least. I want to start out by saying that my husband is JUST AS GUILTY as she is, if not more so since he is the one that it married with children. She is a 27 year old”career student” at the University of Memphis. A bartender at the Fox & Hound here in Memphis. I will not let myself relive all of the disgusting details of the affair. But I will say that she met my husband where she works. When he was paying his tab at the bar, she slipped him the receipt with her number on it. They had a 5 month affair. She knew he was married with 2 children. My husband and I have been together for 20 years and married for 16! She decided that she wanted to let me know about the affair on my 40th birthday this year. Apparently, she was hoping that I would kick him to the curb and she would be there waiting to pick him up with his suitcase. She lost her mind when that wasn’t the case. She snuck into my backyard and was watching my children through our kitchen window! My kids were freaking out! My mother-in-law came and picked up my children. My husband and I sat on the patio and cried for 3 solid days. I screamed and sobbed, screamed and sobbed and screamed and sobbed. I have NEVER EVER been so heartbroken in my life. Since she still lives with her parents, she is what I call a”hotel hooker”. So rather than do the smart thing a run with her tail between her legs, she opted to harass and stalk me. || Which cost her a couple of police reports. She has an app that will let you change the number you are calling from. She would call at all times of day and night from different crazy numbers and tell me that she was”entitled” to speak to my husband”one last time” because he had told her he loved her! The mess that this has made, not only under our roof, but stretching out to each of our families is inexcusable. My daughter will never look at her father or any man the same. Fortunately, my son is too young to remember, but my teen daughter (and all of her teen cousins) have experienced a life changing moment. We each have a very large close-knit family and the ripple effect of this has changed everyone in some way. Was it worth it? Was shacking up in a hotel room really worth all of this? I was told that she is well known for this sort of thing. So how many families has she destroyed?! My husband and I are in intense therapy. And for now, things are going pretty good. But every day I think of this homewrecker and my stomach turns. Everyone else has to pick up the pieces and she gets to scurry off and wait for the next family to taint? I don’t think so!!!

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