Sedona Pines Resort Review


Time-Share rip-offs – We purchased a time-share through Sedona Pines Resort the only reason was because the sell’s person stated that they had pet rooms. This purchase was in 2012 as of today 02/27/2017 still have been unable to stay at said resort. These Time-share people are nothing but lying sacks of stuff! I have contacted the Attorney General’s office and are hoping anyone that is an attorney or a large attorney office would like to take on a class action suit against these time-shares, as there are thousands of complaints against them and everyday people are swindled out of thier savings do to these charlatans! | If anyone out there can help please contact.


  • Name: Sedona Pines Resort
  • Country: United States
  • State: Arizona
  • City: Sedona
  • Address: 6701 AZ-89A
  • Phone: 928-282-6640
  • Website:

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