Secret Sauce Store Review


My friend and I noticed that the site had a sale. Their leggings were on sale for free, you just had to pay for shipping. At first I didn’t think too much into it because I thought I was getting a deal, but after returning the the site several times I noticed it changed from “Fear of Missing Out” to “Secret Sauce Store.” Time passes and I emailed the company multiple times about my order and they responded once and told me they were so in demand they haven’t been able to ship out the products as fast as they wanted to. Weeks passed and my order was confirmed, but my items were never shipped. I sent maybe 3 emails following the one they responded to in order to change my shipment information since I would be leaving school and returning home for the summer. I never heard anything from them and I still have received the item I bought. I checked the site again today and noticed that they still have not shipped so I don’t know if I will receive that at all, but I want my money back. $* may not be a lot to most but as a struggling college student, I could’ve spent it on something I know I would’ve received and I want my money back from them. I’m sure they’ve done this to countless other people including my friend.

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By Ronald

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