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Dear Sears Representative, nI just returned home after having tires installed at the Port Huron, MI location to find I am victim of dishonesty from Sears. nI called the store and arranged for tire purchase and installation. I requested a set of Michelin’s on sale for $98. The sales person on the phone (Rich) said they were out of stock, but he had “Much better tires he would give me an even better deal on.”” He said he would let me have the XC LT4 tires for $110 each when regular price is $146 each. I accepted. nNow I have discovered the tires he lied to me about are on sale for $99.99. I’ve been “”scammed”” for $40 and lied to about $184. nThe thousands of dollars I’ve spent at Sears in the past year now appears to be foolish on my part. My simple request for now is to resolve this as soon as possible. nRegards

nScott Painter”

Port Huron, Michigan U.S.A.

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By Ronald

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