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My 80 year old mother went to her local Sears for a new water heater. They charged her for the water heater ($300 and change) and then she arranged for Sears to do the removal of her old water heater and install the new one. nSears sub-contracted to a company that it was later found out had an expired license to do business in California. Additionally, the charges she paid were average of 3 times more than what the items could be purchased at her local Home Depot. nHer ‘new water heater’ plus installation cost her over $2500.00. A letter was written to Sears Corporate and their response was to contact their sub-contractor. This was from two separate employees from Sears. Just usual run around! nTell all your family and friends to tell all their family and friends that Sears uses unlicensed contractors to do their work in parts of California and that the contracts and Sears work together to not treat the public fairly. Sears was put on notice that THEIR subcontractor was gouging their clients and Sears has refused to do anything about it. I feel they do not care who they subcontract with and I feel that it is a total misrepresentation to the public. nDid you also know that your Sears card is really a Citi-bank card???? Check it out. nAnnenNorth Hollywood, CaliforniaU.S.A.

2300 Hilltop Mall Road Richmond, California U.S.A.


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