Sears Lumberton New Jersey Review


I am so glad I found this site. It is actually great therapy after this harrowing week with the likes of Sears,their service center and their so called National Customer Relations line. Reading the unbelievable stories from Hawaii and Westminster, Maryland actually helps me makes sense of what has happened to me this week in New Jersey. Thanks guys for your stories. nAs angry and frustruted as I am, perhaps the four scheduled times that Sears neglected to come to my house as promised to service my late model Whirlpool washer (won’t fill with water)… perhaps it is truly a blessing in disguise. Perhaps the fact, that no one at any level has been of any help to us— Not 1-800-4 MY HOME, not the local Sears authorized repair, not the extememely hard to get to “National Customer Relations”” line— perhaps there is good that will come out of this. nI won’t go into the very ugly details because truly

I can’t bear to repeat it all over again. Believe me

I have been telling them (Sears) for the last two weeks… and the most I have gotten

on a rare occasion

is an apology and another reschedule. Well the one thing I will say is: Just as they expect for me to pay for their time

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By Ronald

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