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I went to sears to buy a Washington machine intending to spend less than 500 dollars. I was talked into an 800.00 Washington machine front loader, kenmore that quit spinning after 2 years of ownership. I went to sears to see if they would stand behind the product as is was expensive and virtually new. The answer of course, NO, but they would sell me another PLAN to fix it or replace it for an additional 200 dollars. I purchased the so-called better quality machine in order to avoid repairs on a cheaper model, which seems to happen every two years. Stay away from Sears, they are ripping us all off. They are really selling 1000.00 dollar warranties that come with a free washer because they know they will have to repair them every other year. If the product they are selling are so good, and superior quality why do they break down every two years? On top of that, (I went to an outside company to fix it). The instructions that are supposed to come taped to the inside of the washers they sell were no included, the repair man could not find the instruction manual because sears did not include it in with the machine. Beware, shop elsewhere. nTnfederal way, WashingtonU.S.A.

Tacoma, Washington U.S.A.


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