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Complaint: I would like to voice a complaint about the Sears Auto in Lake Grove, NY. 4/10/11 -10 am: Went in for a new battery and was told that the alternator was weak. Service rep. #1 ordered alternator from auto parts store, told me it costs $200 and to call back tomorrow. 4/11/11 – 9:30 am: Called Sears Auto and Service rep. #1 had not yet heard from the auto parts store.4 pm: Called Sears Auto and Service rep #2 told me hell look into it and call me back. He didnt call back.6 pm: Called again and Service rep #2 informed me that the alternator arrived at the auto parts store and to bring vehicle to Sears Auto so they can have the part delivered. I told him Id be in at 8 am sharp.4/12/11 – 8 am: Service rep #3 had absolutely no record that an alternator was ordered for my vehicle, nor did he know what auto parts store was called in the first place. Why didnt Service rep #1 or Service rep #2 document any of that information?Seeing my frustration he (#3) retreats to the managers office, comes back out and tells me: Weve got one accessible for $275 and it can be delivered this morning. I complained about the price difference and he shrugged. He tried to contact Service rep #2 by phone no luck.I almost left and probably should have. 11:40 am: Alternator finally arrives!! The installation took longer than expected due to a hole that was somehow stripped and hindered the fastening of a bolt.1 pm: Finally got out of there! It really blew me away that nobody knew what the heck was going on and that the alternator was more money.Unless theres a problem with the new battery or alternator, I will NEVER go back to Sears Auto!!!

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Address: 6444 Sears – 4 Smithhaven Mall Lake Grove, New York United States of America


Phone: 631-361-5290

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