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Complaint: Last year I took my husband’s car to this Sears location to have the brakes inspected. After inspection, I wast told that I needed new brakes, rotors, 2 tires and an alignment. I let them do the work which cost me over $500. Just last week I took the car back in because the brakes were squealing again. They again came back to let me know that it needed new rotors (which would cost > $200) because “the brakes wore down improperly”” My husband quickly told them that they had put those brakes on and they if they wore down improperly that it must be something they did. Their reply was “”Oh

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Address: you didn’t tell us that””. (What’s that supposed to mean? Should that have made a difference in what the repair would be?) Anyway

Website: AlabamaU.S.A.”

Phone: to make a long story short

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