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We lost our home,our cars everything we own to Hurricane Rita. What the hurricane did not get looters took.nI paid $300.00 to sears in May thinking it would almost pay off balance. We were not able to get to our mail, we were evacuated about 40 miles from our mail box. When I did manage to get to the mail there was a collection notice from Sears saying we owed double what the pay off was. I immediately call sears to let them know what our situation was, it only got worse. nI ask the charges be stopped. They were not.I soon started receiving threating calls all hours of the day and evening, my family members were called and my job is now in jeopardy due to the numbers of calls at work. My cell phone bills are also high. I requested they stop the calls and contact me by mail only. I even sent them an email. They have not stopped.They are going to force me into bankruptcy. I do not have a bed to sleep on or a table to eat at. We had no insurance and recieved no help from outside sources other than the red cross and evacuation fees from Fema. Think twice before you deal with Sears. nCarolynnAbbeville, LouisianaU.S.A.

Lafayette, Louisiana U.S.A.

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