Sean Perry

I met Sean Perry on the Plenty of Fish dating site. We had a relationship online and through text for a while before we decided to meet. He said he would come and see me. All of the arrangements were made, and I was really thinking this guy could be the one.He called when he got into town and said that he lost his wallet, and asked me to buy him a hotel room for the night because he was still a couple of hours out. I helped him out, along with the next day when he asked me for more money because he did not have access to his account. | I did assume that he would pay me back, especially after he had boasted to me about buying a house, motorcycles, cars and other expensive things. He was convincing and charming. He seemed to have the whole package so I trusted him, but the next thing I knew my bank account was out nearly $2,000 over the course of 3 days.When I told him I could not help him out any longer, he ghosted me. I tried calling him and the phone was disconnected. I looked up his profile again on POF and discovered three different accounts in his name set up on the east coast. At that point, I realized I had been conned out of my money and I knew I was not getting it back.

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