Sean Michael Osborne

He goes by the name of Sean Michael Osborne and he uses POF and other dating sites to target women. He claims to be a mechanical engineer who is new to the area, at least that was his story to me.He came to my town and told me he had lost his wallet hoping that I would get him a hotel. He was smart and charming and foolishly talked me into paying for a room for the whole weekend and buying him expensive things. He told me that he would pay me back as soon as his bank sent him a new card.I spent around $3,000 on him…then he disappeared.I searched for him online and found 10 different POF files from all over the United States in his name. He had profiles dating all the way back to 2007. I ran a background check that revealed that he had been arrested over 28 times for auto theft, credit card theft, assault, and drugs.I was lucky that he did run off.He often uses the username 6ft7. Beware.

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