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Sealy does not honor their 10 year warranty on a $2,000 bed. They use the “any product found to be in an unreasonably unsanitary condition”” clause to refuse my honest claim of faulty mattress. This bed has been covered by a water proof mattress protector since it was purchased by me in 2008

brand new. There is slight superficial discoloration from the mattress protector lining. When I say slight

I mean that only the top fibers are barely dis-colored. After a class action law suit Sealy defined “”Unreasonably Unsanitary”” as having stains so bad that they would pose a health risk for anyone inspecting the mattress. I would be willing to have this mattress examined by a forensic team to prove that no liquid has ever touched this mattress. Let me tell you how sealy determined that their poor quality mattress failed – and it did fail. They do not dispute the premature breakdown of their product. This $2

000 mattress has 2 deep body indentions with a 4 inch ridge separating my wife and myself when we sleep. Step 1 – go online to report my claim to sealy. They require that I measure the indentions by laying a broom handle across the bed and measure the distance of the gap where the bed sags below the broom stick. Done. Submit the web claim. 2. Call sealy the following day to confirm they received my claim. Nope. They experienced “”website difficulties.”” 3. They emailed me a claim form and asked me to email my claim back to them. In the instructions that they emailed

it clearly states that they do not accept email claims. 4. Repeat measuring body indentions

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