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I bought a queen size Sealy mattress and box spring from Dufresne Furniture in Winnipeg. I also bought a frame that has a support bar in the middle. And they made me buy a mattress cover because it was a requirement for the warranty. My bed is five years into a 10 year warranty. One side of it is bulging out. And when I lay on it I feel Springs despite it having a pillow top. They and Sealy refused to honour my warranty, because there are two or three very faint discolorations on the mattress. I didn’t even see them until the guy who came here to assess my bed pointed them out. I’ve kept that mattress pad on my bed every single day and it’s been washed every two weeks. I called 3 steam cleaning companies. They all told me the same thing. And that nothing will get rid of those stains completely. There will always be a residual stain left. The stains are the result of a chemical reaction from perspiration and body oils reacting with the fabric of the mattress. These stains will never come out, not even with steam cleaning. And Dufresne and Sealy have both told me that the mattress cannot have any stains of any kind on it and must look like it had just come off the showroom floor. Which according to three steam cleaning companies is not possible. And they all added that that’s what these companies do. They do what they can to not have to pay out warranty. So they use superficial staining as an excuse to not honour the warranty. My friend’s husband used to work at a mattress store selling all types of beds including Sealy. He told me to make sure that I do not steam clean the bed, because Sealy will just use it as another excuse to not cover the warranty. They will claim that there was moisture left in the mattress and it caused a breakdown of the materials. The staining is superficial. It was beyond my control. All mattresses end up with perspiration/body oil staining, especially after a few years of use. The stains are superficial and has nothing to do with the fact that my mattress is bulging out at one side. I am so disgusted with Dufresne and Sealy. I’ve contacted Marketplace and I’m going to be contacting CBC go public as well as the Better Business Bureau. Give your money to a company that’s got a reputable reputation and that will stand behind their products.


  • Name: Sealy Corporation
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alabama
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 1-800-697-3259
  • Website:

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