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I sent my paperwork in on a Friday, the purchase was approved the following Monday, and my car was delivered 5 days later. The car arrived in the estimated time window on the day that it was supposed to. The car was in the condition as advertised. It only said one key on the website when I bought the car, but it came with two. I don’t normally write reviews, but I wanted to share my experience for the people that are like me and not sure whether to go forward with a purchase. I am sure not all experiences are like mine, but it could honestly not have been any easier for me. This is the 3rd car I have bought from SE Motors, I have tried to buy locally, everything is over priced and higher miles, always end up back at SE Motors. I have learned by doing this, they do lower their vehicles every week. When I shop, I always keep my eye on a few and wait for the price to go down to what I want to pay for it, I will say once the price is right they go quick. You can go to the car fax and see when they put it up for sale, if it was just inventoried you have some time most likely to wait.But if you have a car in mind and it is unique, great rims, etc. They do sell quick.I like most people felt a little reluctant to purchase a vehicle online. I’m 62 and found buying my cars through SE Motors the best Buying experience ever! Folks it’s a very simple process, you just first need to know exactly what type of vehicle you want including all the options. Second know what that type of vehicle cost and is it within your price range? Third, do you due diligence on the the CarFax, your credit score to figure out what percentage rate to expect to pay etc, etc. The Truck I selected was much better than I expected, SE Motors did an excellent job working with me. I highly recommend them.

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By Ronald

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