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I met this guy through a well known site. When I met him he played off as he was single and flirted heavily with me. Well I allowed him to get close and got to know him and we started dating. Fast forward a few weeks… We were out at a local bar enjoying a night out with my friends. He gets completely trashed and informs me that he’s married! Now being the person I am, I begin to question everything and start to pull away. He cheated on her with me. I was a homewrecker and felt awful! So I did what a decent woman would do… I stopped seeing him. Well he came back around with this sob story of he moved out and is filing for a divorce. And I saw the proof so I let him back in. After everything was finalized and she was gone I still felt awful and tried to apologize. No such luck, not that I blame her. || Another fast forward… We had been dating a while and I got a since something wasn’t right. So I snooped on Facebook and few other sites and found he was talking and flirting with other women. Why? I would ask him.”It means nothing. I’m just talkin shit cause I’m bored at work” is all he would tell me and drop it. Of course I didn’t believe it but hell I was dumb and”in love” so I let it slide. || A few months later I found out I was pregnant! It would be his fourth and my first. He wasn’t really active with his other kids so I started to get scared. As my pregnancy went on so did his hitting on other women. Only this time, we were suppose to go out and celebrate the fact I was pregnant. However he went out on a date with another woman! I flipped out. I told him he needed to leave. I didn’t care where he was going he just needed to go. My best friend and my mom even came over to help me pack all of his shit. Well he sweet talked his way into staying. Reminding me of how I grew up without my dad around and how I should put my kid through that. Fuck him for hitting the sore spot. So he stayed. || We moved when I was about 7 months along. Thinking a change would help us and the constant fighting over his need to be a man whore on the net. Well it got so bad that after my son was born in May of 2012, that he got physical. So I was done. I threw him out and he went running back to his baby momma number 2. (Come to find out, he had been planning on getting back with her the entire time). || Long story short, in our entire relationship he constantly talked with other women. Using them to get money and anything else he wanted. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the women he tried his bullshit on are fans of this site. He uses anything he can to win over a female so he can live off her or get something from her. I have seems him go for both married and single women. Even tried to win me back and got pissed with me when I shot him down. He hasn’t has contact with his son, his only son, since he was six months old. My son is now 2 years old. This man is a joke to men. He thinks the world owes him or something. But now his wanna be player ways can be stopped but letting others see how much of a joke he is.

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By Ronald

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