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Scott Mcmillan is a well-known attorney in San Diego, California but not for the right reasons. He is the worst attorney that I have ever worked with.I hired him to take care of a case in a nasty divorce with my wife. | He made me all kinds of promises and told me that by the looks of my case I was entitled to full custody and more than half of our belongings. He gave me a fair rate and I hired him at our first meeting to carry out the divorce papers. | I had not heard from him a week later, so I had to contact him. He told me that it was looking like it was going to take him a lot longer than he expected, I was supposed to have the details in another week. Every time I tried to go to his office he seemed to be out at lunch or with another client.I was getting very impatient by the time a month rolled around. | I spoke with again and he told me he was going to need more money in order to finish the process and get a court hearing. I did not understand what he was trying to say. | He billed me $20,000 before I even had the papers. I refused to pay, and now I am in a huge quarrel with the man and my divorce are held up. I am going to have to pay all this money to have nothing done. As it turns out the man has been sued multiple time and even faced some serious charges with the San Diego Superior Court. I wish I had known.

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