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My wife and I had been together for 15 years, and married for 11. We have two wonderful daughters, a nice home, and a dog. We live in a small Indiana town, and I often had to travel for work. As things got tight, I would spend more time away at work in order to provide for our family. My wife, Shannon (Page), began speaking with a former school mate via Facebook in January of 2014. This guy, Scott Bronner, used this opportunity to prey on a married woman, and has since destroyed our happy home. He used the fact that I was away to weasel his way in, and an emotional, as well as physical affair began. As this developed, I did discover it. But everything I would discover was shocking. || While I was home from work, I discovered drugs in my home. I confronted my wife, and she informed me that Scott had brought them when he came to visit her. She admitted to using with him, and declared the affair would not end. || I was forced to file protective orders against him on behalf of my children, as I cannot allow illegal drugs in my home. After trying everything I could, I finally had to do what I never imagined, and file for divorce. DCFS has been contacted regarding the drug use as well. || Scott M Bronner is the lowest form of a man. He is 45 years old, unemployed, and lives with his parents. He is a known drug user and provider of illegal drugs. He has destroyed a great family, simply for his own pleasure and gain. Preying on married women is childish, immoral, and unacceptable.

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By Ronald

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