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On Wednesday May 26th, 2010 I purchased a Speedex Model 1640 tractor from Scott Goodwin in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Upon arrival at Mr. Goodwin’s residence, The tractor did not have the mower deck attached. I test drove the tractor in Mr Goodwin’s yard, and it seamed to have a reasonable amount of power. I asked Mr. Goodwin if we could install the mower deck so I could see it in action before I purchased. Mr. Goodwin said that he only had 30 minutes for lunch and did not have time to do that. I inspected the mower deck and it seemed to have no mechanical issues. The tractor was listed on Craigslist for $700.00. I asked Mr. Goodwin if he would be willing to take $600.00 for the Tractor. Mr. Goodwin agreed. I paid Mr. Goodwin and loaded the tractor and mower deck on my trailer. When I arrived at home I unloaded the tractor and proceeded to sharpen the blades & install the mower deck. After deck was installed I tried to mow my grass. When I engaged the mower deck the engine drops RPM and will not recover. I assumed this was due to a dirty carburetor. From this point the tractor was parked.On Thursday May 27th I was out of town for work from 7am – 10pm and tractor remained parked. On Friday May 28th, I dropped the tractor off at a friends mower shop. I told him that I thought the carburetor needed rebuilt. He said he would check it out.At 2pm that day my friend called me and told me he had bad news. He stated that he did a compression test and found out that it had one dead cylinder. He asked me if I wanted him to dig further and find the cause. I gave him the OK to see if he can find out where the problem is. My friend called me approx 30 minutes later and told me that the engine had a valve seat that had come unattached from the block. He said that it looks as if it has been that way for a long time. He said that it had done extensive damage to the engine block and it would have to be replaced. He informed me that a new engine block would be $350.00. At this point I called Mr. Goodwin to tell him that the tractor I bought from him had a serious problem. Mr. Goodwin asked me to e-mail him pictures of the damage. After Mr. Goodwin looked at the pictures he has refused to help correct this situation. All I asked from him is to split the cost of the new engine block. Mr. Goodwin states that the tractor was fine when I purchased it, and that the engine must have gone bad in the approx 3 minutes that it has ran since I purchased it.I now believe that Mr. Goodwin knowingly sold me a tractor with a defective engine. I feel this was the reason that the deck was off of the tractor when i test drove it. Buyer beware when purchasing anything from Scott Goodwin on Keenan St in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.

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