Schron London – He Fuks Up Women and Their Lives All The While Living With Hos Long Term Girlfriend Pennsylvania


He is so insecure that he has to have multiple women in several cities, counties, and states. He meets them through social media and all the times he is away from home tending to his own life. He has ruined marriages, broken hearts, broken friendships and continues to do so. He had every female in his life so convinced they are the only one but he has so many his life is a non-stop escapade of lies, secrets and hidden messages. Sadly some of these females actually fall for his lies. His selfish and complete disregard for anyone else is totally wrong….. he needs to be stopped. He has most likely been intimate with all his friends partners and yet worries about his friends taking his life away from him. TOTAL SELFISH NARCISSIST!!!!!!!

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By Ronald

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