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I placed an order with this company in July. They had an offer for a $20 credit when you signed up and a 50% off code on your first order. I used these items and placed an order without problem. Come September, Ive still not received the order. I contact customer service who immediatley apologize and issue a credit to my account. I ask about the 50% off code because they still have the offer, as it flashed across the screen before I logged in. I cant use it because I placed an order before. So, I contact customer service since the reason I am here is due to not receiving my order. She gives me another code to use for half off my order. When I try to use it, it adds shipping to the total. Okay, no problem. Then, rather than take half off my order it takes half off my credit amount. I contact her back and am told that they updated their system and now any discount codes are taken off of the credit amount in your account. I explained that it wasnt very fair since the reason the credit was there in the first place was due to thier not sending the merchandise I ordered originally. She said that it was set up this way for anyone with a credit in thier account, regardless of why it is there and that are was nothing more that they could do. So now I am stuck spending with a credit in my account because theyve updated their system after not sending my merchandise that doesnt help me at all. * This is deceptive. A 50% off your first order total should be just that. Giving me 50% off of MY MONEY isnt the same thing. * Another deception: I never received the order in the first place. Convienent… Now I cant use the same deals as everyone else that I did when I ordered because youve updated policies? * When I ordered this was not the policy in place. I would never ordered with such outlandish rules. If I order something with certain rules and you dont send my merchandise, why do new rules apply to my order? * Horrible customer service.

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