Scholar Counseling Center Review


The Scholar Counseling Center is apparently saying they will help to get you student loan forgiveness but they are not do not fall for their crap. I contacted them and they proceeded to tell me my school was scamming me because they were telling me that my program was accredited but it was not I looked on the school website and this was true but they proceeded to tell me if I would kill and void my credits after I graduated then they would give me all the money back for my loans that I took out… then they went on to say that they would get me student loan forgiveness which would cut my loans in half and of course that sounds really good when you have a large amount of debt only in student loans. The phone numbers have been disconnected I cannot get anyone to answer emails and I am more than positive this is a scam. I just want to warn others. Now they have all my information and I am worried about what is going to happen next!

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By Ronald

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