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I met Scarlett over a year ago through my then boyfriend now husband’s friends. She was a girl they passed around. If someone had drugs, she was dtf. Scarlett was arrested and locked up for a while for theft and other things, so I forgot about her. || My husband and I got married last year and began having problems. Im great with computers, so I found his location when he disappeared one night. He was at his cousins house and a black altima was there. I knew right away he was up to no good bc I’ve caught him cheating or planning to cheat numerous times. He came back 2 days later and admitted he cheated but not with whom. So, I made a Facebook account and tricked him into meeting with another girl. I packed his things and threw them in his cousins yard. A few days later he called asking me back…told me who he cheated with and I fell for him again. He then admitted sleeping with her 2 nights prior in a hotel. This pathetic slutt told him she loved him and tried cuddling. He felt awkward and left. I’m not sure if the next part is funny or scary yet. He said he used protection (removed). Hopefully he’s being honest there…. || I’ve facebook messaged her and called and texted but she won’t answer. Perhaps I was a little mean making fun of her dying from a disease and still doing people wrong. Karma has already gotten her so she should straighten her act up. She knew we were married. If you want to look her up she’s on Facebook and Google+. She’s from conway, AR but I believe she’s staying in little rock. Let’s hope my husband stays faithful and that she gets what’s coming to her. My husband had the nerve to tell me I shouldn’t bully her since she’s going through so much. PLEASE!!! Nobody forced a dirty needle in her and she made the decision to sleep with my HUSBAND. She deserves the worst for ruining my first year of marriage…I know he did it but she’s responsible too. I’ve gotten revenge on him. Thanks for reading!

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