Scammer Katarina Phang


Complaint: Katarina Phang is a CON ARTIST that has textbook severe Narcissism Disorder and is a dangerous, abusive sociopath harming thousands of women. Stay away from this wolf in sheep’s clothing. She has numerously made public statements where she claims her teachings are infinitely better than any psychologist’s or actual trained mental health professional. She has no certifications in the mental health field, yet she claims to cure depression and calls herself “the last resort”” for mentally troubled women in relationships. She has been reported to the FTC and the American Psychology Association for malpractice and abusive cyber bullying tactics of vulnerable women where they are compiling a case against her. There are dozens and dozens of women who have come forward to report her as a cyber bully- who claim to have been severely damaged by her and abused by her. I purchased one of her programs “”Journey Inward”” and “”Four Components of Melting a Man’s Heart”” and the abuse I suffered under this volatile

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Address: sociopathic woman led me to 10 months of actual therapy to heal. She is a dangeours

Website: victimizing them into further and further abuse. if you donu2019t get her message or agree with her the problem is YOU and NOT her approach

Phone: cult like woman with an acute sense of her own gradiosity to the edge of being severely mentally ill herself. Anyone who disagrees with her is badgered into a corner through bullying. Katarina Phangu2019s so-called u201cteachingu201d and u201cmethodsu201d focus on berating and beating down women

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