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On 11/1/2011, 12/2/2011 and 12/27/2011 I purchased Gift Cards via for Subway, Burger King, & Barnes and Noble respectively. nAfter following their strange way of “claiming”” my vouchers

I have still to this date (5/7/2012) never received any of these 3 cards. nOver the last few months I have sent emails with no replies received. I have attempted to contact them via their 800 phone number which has now been disconnected. I then found their direct line

which no one ever answers or returns the messages I leave. nI find it frustrating to see that they still are selling goods on their website and hate to think others are getting scammed in the way I did. nSince I have done quite a bit of internet research and found others with the same issue

I am investigating in taking this further via Class Action Lawsuit.”

12700 Park Central Drive 21st Floor Dallas, Texas United States of America

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By Ronald

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