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Complaint: My 2001 Saturn L200 with 42,000 miles wouldn’t start the other night after driving just fine. No warning lights, no funny sounds – NOTHING. Called AAA and had it towed to Saturn. Saturn called later to say my car was out of oil and the engine seized. They said it was because I hadn’t changed my oil since 32,000 miles. I explained that I checked my oil only 2 weeks ago and it was fine. They are firm that this is all my fault and that I failed to properly maintain my car. They said they could put a used engine in for $2200. I called Saturn headquarters and they also say they take no responsibility for this engine failure. I stated the car must have been defective since the oil light didn’t come on nor did the check engine light. They said it’s like someone jogging down the road who has a heart attack & dies – it happens. And said I should have bought the extended warranty. I called around to get a better price on an engine and was told by two mechanics so far that the reason Saturn is giving me is absurd. No engine should fail without warning if the oil was changed at 32,000 miles and it’s now at 42,000 miles. The manager was very rude as was the headquarters case manager. Said smugly ‘you should have maintained your vehicle properly’. Now saturn has reduced the price to $1700 for the replacement – I think they don’t want me taking it to another mechanic because I will have firm proof that it was a defective engine, not my FAULT. I will never buy another Saturn and cannot wait to unload this one down the road. I thought Saturn was a reputable company but now that I have done research, I see this has happened to many people. And Saturn does not stand by their product. Basically you can spend $20,000 for a car and it will last you 3 years. Jo warwick, Rhode IslandU.S.A.

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