Saskatchewan Roughriders Review


They announce for try outs in many cities in America and Canada. They send a couple of people to meat potential players in every city. They charge those participant dreamers $100 to participate in the try out promising to pick up the best players. All they are after is collecting funds from every one: first at the try out $100 and then they ask for $Thousands of dollars stating “we will pick you up to play in our team but you have to pay $50k first year and then we start paying you $60k in the net year… | The funny thing, in the try outs, they do not have even a proper Quarterback. They bring with them a kid as a quarterback. | This tactic is very old and many scammers used it to steal money from vulnerable citizens, either in sport or in the entertainment industry. Be carfull and do not participate with these crooks. | Try outs in any sport should be free. If they ever need you because you have a talent in some field, they have to pay you and not paying them. Report such fraudsters to authorities right away.


  • Name: Saskatchewan Roughriders
  • Country: Canada
  • State:
  • City: Regina, Saskatchewan
  • Address: 1734 Elphinstone Street
  • Phone: (306) 569-2323
  • Website:

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