Sarah Young, “AKA” Sarah Inger “AKA” Sara Louise


Sarah Inger has lied that many times to my self and other’s, And she cheeted 3 times on my self While Married and Living with her. 13 Days after I moved out She stole money from her work place to fund a dirty weekend away with Michael Godfrey who was also engaged to get married at the time. And fell pregnant with his child. Thus expecting me to foot the bill as we were still married.Sarah Inger is not trustworthy nor was she worth moving 16,000 mile to another country for. With in a month she had sex with 17 of her own work mates and laughed about it Thinking it was a Great joke. After the Split Back home in Australia my Farther passed way and She was the only person I felt like I could turn to at the time. But After all of the Problems she had corsed my self. She now accused my self of cheating on her which I didn’t and said my Farther never passed away. This has coursed me a great deal of Anger and Sadness. Now thanks to her and her actions. I will never forgive her.

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