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This Poshmark seller is 100% dishonest and aware she is selling fakes, but she tries to be super slick about it. Offered her $60 on a $75 dress, she counters $70, I counter $65 and tell her thatu2019s my highest. She says if itu2019s still for sale in a week she will sell it to me for my offer. I gave in and bought for $70. Then, when looking closer the next morning, I noticed the design was off. The dress was shorter in length than authentic ones, details and colors were shoddier, pattern was cut off, material was different, brand tag missing important features. I realized Iu2019d bought a fake. I tactfully comment on her ‘About Meu2019 page and not the listing, asking if sheu2019s altered it. She claims to be the first and only owner and says no. I ask her to please cancel the order because it looks different than others Iu2019ve seen. She says sheu2019s already shipped it but will go back to the post office and get it back (red flag #1: a seller who has nothing to hide would NEVER do this to a buyer wanting to cancel). Cancels the order. Sells it to someone the NEXT day for $60 (wow – I guess my offer of $60 was somehow mathematically less to her). Despite reporting both through the app and separately by email to Poshmark, they do nothing but send a generic useless message back as Iu2019ve come to expect of them. But then, this seller DELETES her ‘about meu2019 page I had commented on and re-posts the SAME pictures and bio, clearly in an attempt to get rid of my comments wanting to cancel – even though I never even accused her of selling a fake!! She KNOWS what she is doing – donu2019t be fooled by her colorful selling pages and cutesy decor. This woman is a liar and a fraud!!!! Avoid Sarah Ng, @sarahlaputa on Poshmark, of Haddonfield New Jersey, AT ALL COSTS!!

Haddonfield, New Jersey United States


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By Ronald

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