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I put a canon camera and the equipment to sell in craigslist for the value of $1,450.00, I was selling them for$675.00. This lady with the name of Sarah Lopez contacted me that she wanted to buy them and she wanted to be through Pay Pal and she send me the website to apply , because I didn’t have an account with Pay pal before. that’s where the nightmare began. Pay pal contacted me that she deposit $775.00 to use the extra $100.00 for shipping. But I had to ship the items first and send them the tracking number, Which I did, it cost me $107.00 to send it. the next day Pay pal contacted me that I had to send her $200.00 that they put extra on the account $975.00 . in order for me to get my money. turning out to be a scam. I lost my camera and the accessories and an extra $107.00. later they send me another name: Rosaline Olatunde, from Houston, Texas, 77072. they want me to go and buy a Walmart pre paid card in order for me to get paid from Pay pal. the email address from pay Pal they send was : [email protected]

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By Ronald

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