Sarah Anissa Gierhart – Shingletown, California California


This fat skank does NOT value marriage and what it stands for! She herself is married, but apparently one man is not enough for her. I recently learned that my husband of 8 years has been cheating on me with this community whale. She has been coming to my house and fucking my man while I’m at work. She is absolutely disgusting! There are pictures of my 3 kids all over the house as well as pictures of my husband and me. It’s obvious she doesn’t care that the man she is having an affair with is married and has children. I told my husband I wanted a separation. He begged me to stay together and that he would never cheat on me again. However this fat bitch Sarah will not stop texting and calling my husband. I looked at his call log the other day and there were at least 50 missed calls from her. He has also told her to stop calling/texting. He has texted her that he wants nothing to do with her anymore, but she continues to text him skanky pictures of her lard ass and telling him how much she wants/needs him and that she will treat him so good if he gives her another chance. This fat whore also lied to my husband that she was pregnant with his child, but she refuses to take a pregnancy test to prove to him that she is even pregnant. Because of this fat, nasty, disgusting whore, my marriage is falling apart. I have told her to leave my family alone and to work on her own marriage. Obviously there are problems if she is cheating on him. She has texted me saying she doesn’t care that my husband is married or has kids and that she will do what she wants. Please be on the lookout for Sarah Anissa Gierhart!

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By Ronald

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