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Ok so I’ll start at the beginning. I went to high school with this attempted homewrecker. Would think after three kids she would have grown up, guess not. || Anyways she started working with my boyfriend at Waffle House not too long after I stopped working there I knew they were”friends” and had no problem with it till I came across the first photo of her in a top and short shorts in my boyfriends email, to which he told me she sent it to his phone for him to send to her boyfriend and he sent it to his email to do so. I don’t know why I believed him, but I did. But I still had an unsettling feeling in my gut about the two of them. I never saw any messages or anything that indicated they were messing around or f**king, until I saw the second photo in his email with the attached text”teaser? Tanning bed pic? Lol” now I flipped my shit and went off on him and sent her a message. I was pregnant with our son at the time which she knew of and she had a boyfriend as well. But anyways when I confronted my boyfriend it was”just a friendly joke” it didn’t mean anything there wasn’t nothing going on, blah blah bullshit. And when I confronted her she told me it was a friendly joke and to show him how she tanned, and that she was wearing bikini bottoms, bull f**king shit bitch, never seen bikini bottoms like that. She even went so far as to tell me I was overreacting because of my pregnancy hormones. Yeah what the f**k ever. || When I said something to my boyfriend about saying something to her boyfriend he didn’t like that idea too much, I never got a chance to tell him though. i tried to contact him on FB but to no avail. My boyfriend and I decided to work things out but this incident with this tanning bed hoe is still an issue sometimes, just because I don’t think I was told the truth. I believe him when he says they didn’t f**k, but it wouldn’t surprise me though if they did, but I seriously think SOMETHING was going on. Not a damn thing about the pictures or the message in the email was”friendly”. I know if I was a guy and I got that message I’d be expecting a p**sy pic to be coming along after it. I never found anything else again though. But beware she obviously doesn’t give a f**k if you got a man or when she’s got one so if you’re around her watch your men!!!

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