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Have received several messages on my cell phone (Nov. 2015, Dec. 2015 and Jan. 2016) from an individual stating they are with SAR and Associates and that I need to contact them immediately and settle a debt or they will move forward with legal procedures. Each time they have left a message they state a different phone number to use when returning the call and state a different time of operation to call within, (some say M-F 9to5, M-Sat 9to10 and M-F 9to10). They state they are with the Civil Procedures Division.I have not returned any of the calls as I feel that if this was a legit operation I would be receiving a legal document through the mail, the times of operation would remain the same and when leaving a message would address by my name. They never say who they want to speak to just that it is urgent that you return the call or they will move forward with additional action.

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By Ronald

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