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I am in the habit of “Googling” landlords before I move into an apartment. Unfortunately, there was nothing negative on Santiago Betes before I signed a lease with him. I wish there had been, and I would have never signed the lease. I am hopeful that anyone that is planning on moving into one of his apartments will read this and take heed. | As a new resident of New York City, I actually thought that I was getting a good deal on a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, 2nd floor walkup, when Santiago Betes dropped his asking price of $2500 per month to $2400 per month. | At first, he didn’t seem to be too bad. | When the frame of my bed collapsed in the middle of the night, rather than asking me what was wrong the next day, he screamed that I had woken up his wife! He even threw “air” punches at me! | I am gay, and I think that he figured it out when my current partner (I asked, and received his approval, and he said that he would not charge me more for a roommate)moved in with me. Normally, in New York City, being Gay would not be an issue, but I think that it became an issue with him. | After one year, my rent was increased to $2500. I reluctantly signed a lease renewal, not wanting to go through the agony of another move. | During the second year of my lease, the complaints increased astronomically! He averaged, at least, one complaint a week. He complained that we were walking too heavily on the floors, and was disturbing him. He complained that my air conditioner was leaking on the side of his building (although it wasn’t). He became angry at my partner for commenting that my airconditioner was not leaking. He told me later, “I don’t like him.” He complained about my fishtank (he had verbally given his approval for me to have three tanks), when it leaked because the filter malfunctioned. Although there was nothing wrong with the tank (which would cause a leak), he wanted all three of my tanks removed (not just the one that had the malfunctioning filter). My aquarium equipment was valued at just over $1,000. He complained that my partner was too noisy in taking off his shoes. Whenever he saw my partner, he would make a rude comment about his weight. The complaints came on a weekly basis. Once, he dug through my garbage and found a leaflet. He told me that I was in violation of the city’s recycling program, and if he was fined $2,000, he would give me the bill. He even said that he had told me “hundreds of times” about recycling (he hadn’t). | I began to feel that I was living under a microscope, and hated living in my apartment, knowing that I did not dare invite friends over, due to the complaints. I decided, with 7 months to go on my 2nd year lease, that I had to get out of that place! I figured that he would probably increase my rent to get me out of there. With 2.5 months to go, I received an increase of $150–which would make my rent go up to $2,650–up from $2,400 originally. | I rented from this landlord-from-hell for two years! | His daughter lived above me and routinely would have guests, dogs, children and even soccer parties! It was obvious that she was being given a free pass! I do not know how the other tenants were treated. | The building had creaky floors, and at one point, frequent problems with the plumbing. Whenever I would complain about mice (yes, they were there, despite his contract with a pest control service!) or waterbugs, he would answer my complaint with another complaint of his own. | After I moved, I noticed on the internet that he was renting apartments, similar to mine, for $2,200 and $2,100. This confirmed that he had been active in trying to get rid of me. | I am extremely thankful for getting out of that situation! I am now in a quiet, impersonal apartment complex (with NO obnoxious landlord)! | So, if you are looking for an old, creaky apartment building in Astoria to rent, that comes with a cranky, interfering (probably homophobic) landlord, 2440 29th Street is the place for you!!!


  • Name: Santiago Betes & Son Inc
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Astoria
  • Address: 2440 29th St #2
  • Phone: 718-278-8000
  • Website:

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