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Most recently purchased a used 2013 , Honda Civic . From : Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. In Huntington Beach Calif. The on duty sales man lied about the intereste rate verbally promised. California Labor Code;920. Next: Their lead finance empty suit finaced me through a comany of now that I see clearly : Liars ,thieves scam artist . Through legal extortion in oppinion. Most recently arranged automatic payment. To be takin out of my checking account . From: Navy Federal Credit Union. In the city of : Fountain Valley California. I had a least three different at will employees on different occassions speak to the empty suites of this ,now that I see clearly very corrupt organization. Ording to the employees of Navy Federal Credit Union. Everything that was needed to be said was said. Everything to be faxed was faxed. My money was sent by direct deposit to my savings account. Then I set it up with : Navy Federal Credit Union to pull out : $500.00 to be sent to : My checking account on the second of every month. Then it was set up with : SANTANDERCONSUMERUSA ,to be pulled out on the :20th of each month. October 26,2015. I discovered it was not taken out. Causing me a late payment. It was not the fault of : Navy Federal Credit Union. But the wilful intentional negligence the lack of ordinary care and reasonable care of this disgusting corrupt finacial instituition. That deliberately for obvious reasons did not pull the money from my : Navy Federal Credit Union. Those deliberate reasons are very obvious: To make more money. By sand bagging. Like credit car companies do. They take their sweet time to post payment. To charge the customer penalty fees with interest. Thats what : SANTANDERCONSUMERUSA is doing. Their so called new excuse is: ( A.C.H. ) . This is: Authorized Clear Housing. There is no reason other then they wanted to deliberately take their time to let my car payment past the due date. To make more money on a used car. I’m already paying above the Blue Book. Sandander. Has lots of negative reviews. I might have to take the loss on all the money I already paid. Drop the car. Then just save until I can buy a Honda cash. Not credit. This is going to mess my credit up worse. I’m tired of the hazing and harassment. I’m striving to pay this beast off. Yet by these whores intentionaly not taking the money on time is costing me more money. Spoke with this worthless empty suit on : Oct. 26,2015. He ran his mouth alot. If its not in writing it means nothing. The worthless empty suit called it self a manager: Mike Brooke Shire. The $500.00 was suppose to be pulled out on the : 26th of October 2015. It was’nt. I cheked the : ATM. At 7-Eleven. It was not pulled out. The time I checked was: October 27,2015. Time: 00:41. This disgusting group of liars, thieves con artist from the same state : Eron was from did not pull out the money from my checking account. For obvious reasons: To deliberately charge me late fees and penalty fees ,with interest. Its called: Silence of an enity ,based on time of discovery. California Government Codes:911.23 and 911.64. They know I’m a American veteran. They could care less. All this corrupt finacial institution cares about is making more money on a used car. I am tired of being lied to and mistreated. I am doing my very best to make bigger payments to pay it off. The balance has not even moved. I might have to take the loss of all the money I already spent on this beast. Drop it off at the : Accomplice. California Penal Code: 31. Norm Reeves Honda Superstore. In Huntington Beach. Then save my money and buy a car cash. Rather then have to depend on these worthless , liars, thieves and con artist reside. Texas. Note: The same state : Eron came out of. The very same state that had lots companies that make big profits from American troops the gave their life in combat for. They make money off of American blood for oil money. Thats where this financial institution is from. Santandar. Will write up on : Better Business Bureau. Also Pissed Consumer.Com. My balance has not even moved. Will put on : Face Book.


  • Name: Santander Consumer USA
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Dallas
  • Address: P.O. Box 660633
  • Phone: (888) 222-4227
  • Website:

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