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Just found out my fiance of 3 years has been cheating with a skank from the neighborhood. I found tons of texts and photos in my fiances computer dating all the way back to 2010! They were carrying on conversations like best friends asking about each others lives and arranging meetings sometimes having to schedule around her kids! She would even ask for money for stuff like to pay her electric bill and grocery money (pathetic) in exchange for things that are illegal in some states, all the while having her own man and kids at home. She reminds me of the epitome of trailer trash. I guess she used to go into his job at the corner store and always ask for money in exchange for sexual favors and for a little extra they didn’t need protection and my fiance even confessed. She had also fooled around with his boss for money before! || So needless to say my soon to be ex can have her and hopefully someday soon her man figures out what all his lady has been up to ruining homes left and right. I’m just glad I found out in time before we were married and had kids. I had tried to call and text her to confront her but she never responded. We were planning on getting married in the summer of 2016

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