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My name is John and I’m an American who recently contracted services with Sangay Tours for my wife and I for our honeymoon for 20 days in Ecuador. We paid over $10,000 for private tours, airport transfers, superior accommodations in hotels but we were scammed by this company which failed to provide any of the contracted services. For the airport transfers (their excuse was that the airport had been recently opened and therefore couldn’t get any transportation to pick us up! We ended up having to take a taxi which had no problem getting us to the city.), they then told us that “private transport with a private english guide”” meant we were on shared tours because “”private”” only implied we were not going to be using public transportation

and finally we were placed in a low-end 3 star hotel in Quito. nNaturally

we wrote the owner of the company directly and demanded that they either fulfill the established contract or provide us with a refund. The owner simply laughed in our face and dared us to go ahead and take whatever measures of justice we felt were appropriate. He was also quick to blame everyone else and provided us with the following ultimatum: If you don’t show up for the tours you will be considered “”no shows””and will not receive a cent in reimbursement.Let me clear in saying that we have traveled to over 38 countries and have never encountered such a fraudulent tour company. If you are thinking about traveling to and around Ecuador

stay away

far away from Sangay Tours. You’re better off booking with a local agency once you arrive in Quito or looking elsewhere for professionalism. It is unfortunate that we have been robbed and scammed in this way but hopefully we can at least help steer others away from the same pitfalls by making our case heard online. nNO ONE takes the time to write a scathing review of a company that has adequately rendered the services for which it was contracted for. What is there to be gained by “”defaming”” Sangay Touring if as Robin claims

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