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This gross and disgusting pig sandy nieto is a homewrecker me and my husband were and still are married currently getting divorced because of alot of things he would stay out all night all hours of the night and he was using and i do not like drugs so i do not approve but he didnt care he would have women calling his phone late hours between 12-6am then one night my daughter saw him and this girl sandy nieto and my daughter jumped out of the car with her guy friend and she ran across tha street sayin what are you doing and mind u she saw him at around 1:30am and this girl sandy nieto kept asking him who is she who is she and my daughter told her shes not to worry who she was he knew who she was and then my daughter was going to beat her ass but her guy friend told her not to do it so she didnt then i guess in a week or so they broke up and he said he wanted to see his son when we ran into him so me trying to be civil said ok come to the appartment and see and visit your son so he did he stayed 3 days the weekend to monday and i was at work and i had called my daughter to see how things were going and she told me hes been in the room all day blah blah and then so i attempted to call him with the obama free phone that was mine and he didnt answer then a couple more times of trying he finally picks up and i said what are you doing and we started to argue because thats what hes good at doing so i told him… || if hes just using me then to leave well he left and didnt say goodbye to his son or anything he just left without even caring so i called him when i got off work and he didnt answer yes he took off with that free obama phone so i called and had it shut off like 3 days later but like the last day he text me saying that he got lost in stockton and he ddidnt know where he was so i asked him where are u and he got all mad and hung up so i called and reported the phone lost and its service was shut off then i dont talk to him or see him for like a week and then one day im going to work and i see two guys(tweakers) walking and i noticed it was him and i just glared at him my daughter wanted to stop to slap him up but we kept going to go to my work and then long story short sorry so long but i need to get this out there sandy nieto is a hoe a tweaker a triffalin bitch she was writting me on facebook have i seen him i said no i have not oh and when he came to visit and ditch his son she was writting me msgs sayin is jason there with you are u guys getting back together and i figured aww lets play a game i told her yes we are working things out right now so please stay outta our relationship and she was like he told me he didnt wanna go back to u why is he doing this and i just told her she shouldnt try to break up families and then she said that she wanted to meet my our son and i just laughed i cant believe this hoe she is trashy and nasty ewww…i guess tweakers dont care who they are with or who they are hurting like he didnt and hasnt fought for his son ever durring this time. Im sick of this homewrecker and that low life so called husband i had to marry i wish i would have thought more about marrying him we were together for 9 and a half yrs maybe 10yrs and married for 3 and for him to treat his son especially like this i think is ratchett i finally had my daughter msg him on fb and ask him if he wanted to see his son today was to see him. And that she had some important papers for him about seeing his son she lied haha but he met us so she could serve him and we left so hes been served for like 3 and a half months ago so i want to put hers and his business out there so here u go these trashy tweaks deserve each other bye felicia.

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