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It was only the one time that I know of. His best friend brought over a guy he worked with and he in turn brought two women with him to go hunting.They (all but the best friend) came back on Monday. November 11th 2013. I had to work so I didn’t get to go with them.They ended up in Waldron Arkansas hunting on a back road. Someone shot an illegal deer. They didn’t get the deer because the people who live on that road called the game warden. They brought him home to Mena Arkansas . He comes in the house stripping off his clothes saying he needed a shower because he was covered in blood. I thought this strange as I watched him put his clothes in the washer and start it. About midnight someone knocks on the door waking us up. It was the police. They told him he needed to go Waldron right now. So we start getting dressed. The whole time bitching about this women. Odd to me but as we got closer to the police station he tells me not to talk to anyone. Sit in a corner away from them . Strange again. They give them all night hunting tickets. About a week later he came home started a fight and said” you know I fucked her don’t you.” I said I had my suspicions about it. Well I stayed with him. He said he wouldn’t do it again. || Anyway, we stayed together all the way through to the end of August 26, 2014. I came home from work on Monday from working 12 hours complaining about me not kissing him or giving him hugs. He left to go stay with his mom. We kept talking trying to see If we could work things out. During this time he created a profile on two dating sites. Plenty of fish and I found out that he has already met some girls from those sites. I refuse to take him back now. His name is Jacob Alley. He is staying with his mom at this time. Now I believe he had cheated on me with our neighbor named Kendra ( I don’t know her last name. I only found out her first name a couple of days ago when he mentioned her in conversation.) By the way I forgot to mention that Sandra is married. Lost her kids to the state of California. Just to let you all you know, Jacob has cheated on every women he has been with. He says he likes sex too much. He can’t have kids so he doesn’t wear a condom. You may get something soap won’t wash off because he refuses to get tested. I on the other hand have been tested and I am clean so far. I go back in 6 months for another Hiv/Aids test.

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