Sandra and Robert Swenson, Nicole Hoefflinger Review


Sandra ” Sandy” Swenson leased a American Saddlebred gelding named A Turner Classic to us. The lease paperwork was quite exstensive and Sandy wanted an exzorbant amout of insurance on this unshown, unappraised 13- year old gelding. Louie was insured before leaving her premises. I asked several times if she really wanted to lease him and Sandy stated ” he needs to go”. Sandy’s apprasial on Louie? $18,000 As I said, unshown, unknown, unappraised. | Louie – is a very very VERY nervous hauler, pawing, screaming, sweating and the shakes to the point of a full blow panic attack. When he arrived at our faciltiy, he was aloof, angry, and would not touch any food. We found out that Louie was incredibly herd bound and did not like ANY hay- just grain. | Louie was only fed huge amounts of grain and was ” grain sour” He would NOT eat hay. Sandy was made aware of his hauling issue and the food issue. Her reponse was ” I thought he would be a little nervous” I also made the first of 7 requests for Louies farrier and dental records as his feet were tiny, misformed and he was wearing extremely thin shoes that looked very worn. One shoe had slid off his front foot which Sandy claimed ” happened the day before we were to pick him up” | Vet arrived to check Louie’s teeth which were ( no surprise) rotting and unhealthy, Louie required three different dental treatments When the farrier arrived a week later, old nails from inside the hoof wall were taken out, the farrier, in his opinion stated the nails were ” at least 6 months old” Clearly, care had been lacking. The vet and farrier reports I requested never appeared. | A month went by and Louie actually got a lttle better, he was a monster in his stall, filthy at all times, breaking tack, pulling back, screaming Horrible ground manners, Under saddle, he worked well but was so lazy it took serious work to get him to move past a trot. He is well trained, just well and absolutly lazy. | It was at this time Sandy kept calling about the insurance coverage, the paperwork was sent and Louie was covered, Sandy claimed it was never received even though, the insurance agent said he had spoken to her directly. Sandy kept calling about the insurance, wanting the premium raised, which made both of us, very wary of her intentions. In the three years she owned Louie, she had ridden him twice, proclaiming him ” very hot with alot of go forward” | Six weeks in the lease Louie started settling down, eating hay, picking up much needed weight and muscle tone. He looked the best he had been and Sandy was sent regular pictures. Out of the blue, Sandy asked to come see Louie at our old facility in Brookings, Oregon. Our response was No, thats less than 12 hours notice, can you give us some more time?A different day? he has just settled in. We also mentioned we were moving all our horses to Grants Pass, while our new facility was being finished. When we arrived in Grants Pass pictures were sent to Sandy with a very happy, bright and freshly bathed Louie. | Sandy then sent a nasty message about the insurance. Contacted the insurance agency who then DROPPED Louie from coverage. The agent manager stated to me that they ” did not feel Sandy had Louie’s best interest at heart” I got very worried at this point, as Sandy was starting to act like Louie was in training, instead of being leased. Furthermore, the ad which Louie was placed under for lease, was placed as ” on pause” and not deleted. After a couple of text messages to Sandy about seeing Louie, I contacted Julie Bittner a woman whos name appeared on the lease, as ” DO NOT CONTACT HER IN ANY WAY” why? I contacted Julie and had a conversation about Louie with her. Julie owns Sandy’s former Paint mare, who was in OSU for A YEAR due to Sandy’s neglect of HER FEET. ( speciffically NAILS left in her feet) Julie trained Louie for over a year and bought the Paint mare from Sandy to keep her from going back to her. Julie described Sandy as a ” timid rider with little to no horse experience” Julie also agreed that Louie had a ” brain grain” issue and bad ground manners for the inexperienced horse person, stating he is ” not a match for Sandy who claims all horses are CRAZY”. | After contacting another insurance agent, we had to pay and extra $480 to insure Louie, which was also verfied and sent to Sandy. no response. A few text messages and calls and no response from Sandy. I spoke to my daughter and we both decided that based on the horses issues and reluctancy to work, he should be returned to his owner. The next weekend we took a trip down to California to see old friends and got a call from Grants Pass stating Louie was being loaded onto a trailer and leaving, the grounds people were in a panic, I asked them to describe the people loading them and sure enough, it was Sandy and Robert.( and their daughter, Nicole) I told the grounds people to let them go. | After this incident, a flyer was emailed to me about ” Louie the stolen horse” ASHA was informed the lease was cancelled contacted Sandy who told them the horse was NOT stolen and she could not report the horse stolen. Sandy stated the horse was ” repossessed” because the address in Brookings, Oregon ( ourold barn) ” didnt exsist. The address is 17976 Rainbow Rock Road, Brookings Oregon and itsthere on the map and it exsists. The flyer was a fake to make people think I stole Louie even though text messages and emails prove Sandy knew where Louie was, how else did she know to into Grants Pass and pick him up? If Louie was stolen WHY wasnt he reported to Net Posse or Stolen Horse? Oh right, all that came out after she she could smear us, and lie about us. | Sandra and Robert Swenson ripped us off for shipping, farrier, vet, board, feed and defaulted contract. A civil suit is pending. Do not deal with either of these people, their track record is well known in the Albany/Lebanon Oregon area as constant victim playing while ripping people off and not paying bills. Everything they own is for sale, and they are heavy in debt.


  • Name: Sandra and Robert Swenson, Nicole Hoefflinger
  • Country: United States
  • State: Oregon
  • City: Albany
  • Address: 34966 Hwy 34 SE
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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