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Max, saw your note. There have been so many claims filed on this Sandoval clan, I see the superboy of pools is now reviewing and offering rebuttals. He’s on the run. Knows his time is running out and the ROC is pending license revocation. As superboy points out, ROC records are public. All one must do is look at the numbers and how many revocations of Sandoval’s bond has occurred. For those who haven’t gone through this painful experience YET with Sandoval, let me define this for you. Revocation of bond means too many bond payouts. Each bond payout=an ROC complaint that couldn’t be resolved and the insurance co. had to cough up the bucks. nThis guy and his clan of gypsies and illegal day laborers aren’t qualified to clean your pool, let alone build, resurface or renovate. nBeware and keep looking. Search the BBB and ROC for qualified contractors. These guys don’t make the list. nMe toonPhoenix, ArizonaU.S.A.

Power Rd., Mesa, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona U.S.A.


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