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Complaint: There is this young woman calling herself Sand aka Sandoner selling her graffiti dolls on anything she can get her hands on. 2 months ago I have ordered some of her stuff stickers cushions air fresheners. Everything is so overpriced but I thought I will get some quality, man I was wrong. Her air fresheners stopped releasing fragnance after a week I was hoping for a bit more fot $15. Also bought 2 of her cushions and after 2 weeks they just went flat like a paper no stuffing inside. I emailed her and asked for a replacement as I ve spent over $200 in her shop. She told me I was rude as I have purchased her artwork for the price not the item and I should be happy I got them so cheap. No exchange no refund!!! Dont fall for her scam!

Tags: Attorney Generals

Address: Nationwide USA



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By Ronald

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