Sandino Home Solutions and Jack Santarelli allen Texas


Complaint: We hired Jack Santarelli with Sandino Home Solutions to add a third garage to our home in April. The job is still not completed. He does not answer emails or calls in a timely manner. The roof which was completed in July is still sub par with large humps in it. The back fence was left in a hazardous condition in which we were forced to complete in a makeshift manner in order to protect our toddler and dog from escaping and falling subject to injury. The expansion joint was sub par and unsightly. The trim around the garage has yet to be completed. Unfortunately, our contract was agreed upon to “pay-as-you-go”” and thus we have absolutely no way of holding him or his company to finishing this project. Mr. Santarelli has verbally agreed that these items should be corrected and yet there has been no effort to address these things at all. We were forced to contact someone to finish the garage doors ourselves so that we would at least be able to utilize the garage and get our property out of storage. We paid out of pocket to do this. This job is not completed and we are officially on day 223 of a project that we were assured would take only 42 days. It is my belief that Jack Santarelli and Sandino home solutions have no intent of finishing this job. I have heard every excuse in the book from “”hurricanes to the south and tornadoes to the north”” regarding why this job has not been completed. I read every complaint on line and believed the rebuttals from Mr Santarelli regarding the complaints however I have been played the fool by him on several occasions. There is always a verbal explaination regarding why things aren’t going well and yet very little

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Website: Home Design Solutions and SanDino Home Solutions. Please listen to me. I am an honest

Phone: action to rectify the problem. This company did not have solutions regarding where to dispose of the building materials that were left in the drive way for months. It was even suggested to me by SanDino Home Solutions that we should take some of the items to the emtpy field across the street from my home to remove it from my driveway. A successful company knows where to take disgarded building materials. These are things that should not burden a home owner during a project unless they are doing the remodel themselves. This company absolutely does not stand behind their work. This company has no intent of finishing this project or any other project. I am sure he will say that I have been “”difficult to work with”” however I was a dream client until we hit day 100 of a project that was to take only 42 days. We paid on time

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