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This is Samantha Wandell. She is a military spouse whose husband is currently deployed to Korea. She first met my husband at the base gym. She started flirting with him and that’s how this all began. At first I didn’t think anything of it. My husband blew it off like it was nothing and I needed to trust him on that. Then he added her on fb and they started liking each other’s pics and statuses. Again I was uncomfortable, but tried to believe my husband. Then in August of 2013 another mom from my daughter’s school called me to let me know that she was at Samantha’s garage sale and that while on duty my husband had stopped at Samantha’s house. When my husband saw my friend he left. Samantha turned to my friend and said lol that’s the 2nd time today he’s been here. Well that pissed me off. And there was a big argument about her that night. After that he was more careful about seeing her unbeknownst to me. || We finally got orders to move to North Dakota. We moved in September of 2013. We drove 2 separate vehicles and when we got there that Friday night he was in the shower and his phone went off. So I picked it up and it was his Facebook notifications. So I went and looked. It was a message from Samantha! They had been writing each other the entire trip which was 5 days and of course he was deleting it all and hiding it. I walked into the bathroom and confronted him. Of course I am the crazy psycho wife she’s just a friend blah blah blah! Same old bull! So I confronted her. She assured me that nothing was going on between them that they were just friends. That her dad had done that to her mother and that she would never be that type of woman. I believed her and let it go. Then in October I found more messages. They were flirting and everything still. I confronted them both same reactions! Then again in November, January, and February. My husband got set to go on a short term deployment in February. He left at the end and came back a week later for training. When he got back his phone kept going off. He had added snapchat to his phone again and guess who is his #1! YEP Samantha! That was another fight! Along with him still messaging her. Yet I had nothing to worry about…….or so I was lead to believe. He left again in the beginning of March and I loaded up the kids and came home to Panama City. He and I were doing pretty bad by this point. He messaged her and everything the entire time he was gone. He got back in May and had a one night stand in North Dakota before coming here for a few weeks. As soon as she found out that he was coming here she was blowing up his phone. He was at the gym 3-4 hours everyday. Spending her lunch with her and then going to work out so he could see her because she works at the gym. Then I took my step daughter to dinner and a movie one night. Something wasn’t feeling right. He told our friends he took the kids for ice cream before dinner yet told me he took the kids to Chinese. He refused to answer texts, phone calls, or FaceTime calls. My radar was going off bad. So I called our friend and she called him and he answered. He texted me and told me that the restaurant was too crowded and that he’d text when they were done. Well no Chinese place in panama city is crowded enough to where you can’t hear. So when they left I tried facetiming and he refused to answer. He called me to let me talk to the kids but I kept getting hung up on when is ask where they went to dinner. The next day my 8 yr old daughter tells me that her, her 2 yr old brother, my husband, and Samantha all went to dinner. I freakin lost it. I confronted him as he was getting in the truck to go to the gym! He said it was a group of them and that our daughter was lying! How dare he! So I called her at work she wasn’t there. I went back inside and sat on the couch and my step daughter said”Sammie is a girl?!” I said yes and showed her Samantha’s picture. To which my step daughter replied”daddy has been texting her everyday all day since we got here.” I saw some of the texts and I made the comment about how Sammie says lol a lot and daddy said Sammie was a guy. But Sammie also texted daddy and said I can’t wait to see you and then daddy left at midnight and didn’t come back till almost 2 am! I lost my mind! My husband took this home wrecker on a date with my kids and then was leaving them at night to go be with her?! What the hell! || So I finally got a hold of her at work and she lied as well and said it was a group of them. I about came through the phone when she said my daughter was a liar! So I wrote her husband and told him what I knew. He believed me until he wrote my husband and my husband said I was out for revenge and had written other husbands too. I was shocked. My husband continued to leave the kids at night to go be with her and spend hours during the day with he as well. 2 nights before he left he left them and went and took her shopping. He took her shopping for OUR sons birthday! He didn’t buy anything for our son! His skank married girlfriend did! When I asked him why he didn’t buy our son anything he said he didn’t have the $ because of the drive back to North Dakota, yet he took my step daughter to a baseball game on the way back! I have the toys, but haven’t decided what to do with them. He left the kids again the night before he went back to North Dakota!! He went to be with her! He is back in North Dakota and has been for about a month now. They are snap chatting naked pics to each other, Facebook messaging so they don’t get caught, and || skyping each other as well. And the biggest thing that pisses me off is that she was givin us both advice on our marriage! She told him to leave me and she told me to walk away from him! Beware ALL wives at Tyndall Airforce Base! My husband isn’t the only man she’s been messing with and probably won’t be the last! This woman has destroyed out family and done too much damage to my children! Most which I won’t be able to fix. She’s that type of woman who you think is your friend and is really only after your man. My husband is just as guilty as she is!

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