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I met my ex husband sometime in 2005, he was so cute and funny, sweet etc. But I wasn’t really into getting into a relationship at that time being as I was only 18. Two years past and I finally gave into him going after me and gave him a shot, our first date was going sledding with his entire family so right off the bat he wanted to show me off to his family etc. I thought it was super sweet and he was such a gentlemen to me the whole night etc. Things got serious really fast as my roommate at the time was a druggie and I needed to get out of that situation, so he let me move in, we were living together for about 2 months before he popped the question on Feb 14, 2007 of course I said yes. I was so happy we came home to his whole family waiting up for us to see my ring and they had cards and balloons etc they were so happy we were engaged! || Shortly after that we decided to start trying for a family, and that coming September I found out I was pregnant and we were thrilled! We found out a few days before Christmas that we were having a boy! Thats when things started to go off the tracks. I was at home all alone most of the time while he worked and when he would come home instead of spending time with me he would go out drinking or hunting with his friends whatever he wanted to do. I asked him to please stop and start spending more time with me as I was very emotional and felt very alone, that only made him do it more. I gave up trying to keep him home because I was sick of fighting. || About a month before I was due I had been hearing from a bunch of people from town and people that we were friends with that he had been seen kissing other girls, he wasn’t wearing his wedding ring, so on and so. I confronted him and of course he told me I was crazy and they were just saying that stuff to break us up etc. Me being as pregnant as I was and being as in love with him as I was I believed him. || The following month I gave birth to our son and things calmed down for a few months and he seemed like he was getting back to the man he was before I was so happy! Than when our son was about 5 or 6 months old the rumors came back full force and he again was never home, would never call or text me to tell me where he was or what he was doing, he would just not come home until really late at night when me and our son were already asleep. In december of 2007 I came home from running some errands in town to find a group of his friends in our kitchen and him in the shower, I asked what they were all doing there all dressed up and they said we are waiting on Ryan to get ready to go to his friends wedding that just a month before we decided together that we were not going to go to. So I went into the bathroom and asked him what was going on, why he was going and why he didn’t tell me etc. He got all pissed and snapped at me and then I said well will you give me a little bit of time to get myself and our son ready and he said no we have to go. He got dressed and just left! I did not hear one word from him for over 24 hours. No phone calls, no texts, nothing! He didn’t even come home that night and I waited up until 3am crying and being mad as hell! The next morning rolls around and about 11am he comes stumbling into our room still drunk from the night before and was a mess. I was pissed and crying and instead of explaining to me what happened and where he was he told me to get bent and called me a cunt. A few days later he came up to our room sat on the end of our bed facing the wall and said he didn’t love me anymore and wanted me to get out. I asked why and what had happened etc. He wouldn’t even look at me or answer anything! || So I moved out with our son, down to my parents house as I had no car, no job, and no money. I came to find out over the next month during our separation that he had been cheating on me my whole pregnancy with this girl named Samantha and that just three days after I moved out of our home, she was moved in! Over the next few years she was the meanest, nastiest bitch to me calling me a horrible mother, telling my kids to call me by my name that I wasn’t there mom that she was (I was pregnant at the time he kicked me out I didn’t find out until 3 months later, I had another baby boy in september of 2009). They were together for about 4 years until she purposely got pregnant by him, and in 2013 she had a boy with him and just 3 weeks after their son was born he dumped her for another girl just as he had done to me! I laughed and said thats what you get karma is a bitch! || Fast forward to this feb of 2014 him and his new gf got pregnant with his 4th baby, she didn’t know that she was until she was 4 months along, when she found out she told him and he told Sam, who then in turn, turned around and threatened him that if he didn’t dump her and come be with her that she was going to file for child support and never let him see his 3rd son, and HE DID IT!!! So not only did this bitch ruin my family by sleeping with my husband but now 6 years later she did it again to him and his new gf!!!! I really want to know how that bitch can sleep at night, and the sad part is that he is still cheating on her left and right and she doesn’t care one bit!!!!

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