Samantha Prosser – Meeker, Oklahoma Oklahoma


I was married to Garrett Tyler for almost four years was together almost seven years. He was mentally and physically abusive and very controlling. His great grandfather passed away and he wouldn’t let me go to the funeral stating that I needed to be home to take care of the animals and he was going to stay the night at his dads so I did as he said. The next two weekends he decided he was going back to his dads I then found out he had taken seven thousand dollars out of the bank account and never paid the bills so I told him to just stay at his dads. Later I found out he was seeing someone named Samantha Prosser she knew he was married his dad and her family was friends they all knew he was married, then I found out he went those two weekends and spent time with her. She told me that she knew he was married he didn’t want me anymore that he wanted her and she would do everything in her power to make sure he never came back to me that he was hers now. || She has a three year old by one dad and a twenty one month old by a different dad she lives with her grandparents during the week and her parents on the weekends, which her parents and grandparents knew he was married and let him stay with her in their house all along he was calling texting trying to come home. I went to retrieve my truck that he was not making the payments on they proceeded to chase me threw town and tried to run me over in the trick all along her kids where in the truck she never tried to protect them from the reckless driving Garrett was doing she laughed and told him to tell me she was going to whip my butt. Charges where filed on him and I received a protective order against him to which he has violated several times and she lies for him. Garrett is court ordered to stay away from her children but she and her family do not care what the judge says and continues to let him live with them. I have been to court numerous times and he and his attorney keep putting it off he says if he does that then I will let him come home, all to which she doesn’t believe he is saying, she just doesn’t understand he cheated with her he will cheat with anything. She has tried to run me down to people and cussed me all to make them look better well honey there’s no way to look better because you committed adultery! She knew he was married yet still went after him claiming they where middle school sweethearts even tho I had never heard her name. She wanted to call me a whore well ok I’m not the one dating a married man and having him live at my grandparents and parents house. I actually thanked her for taking out my trash because if I wouldn’t of found out about her I would of never made him stay gone and I never would of had my happiness back!

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By Ronald

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