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The scammer first contacted me on for a dog sitting position. She gave me her name, husband’s name, child’s name along with a fake story about her job and how she is moving to my area so she needs a sitter. She requested my address, phone number, name, and to add a few pictures of myself, as she did of her (fake of course). She said she was sending me a check in the mail so I could deposit it. She said she needed me to deposit it at my ATM machine at my bank and send a picture of the receipt. I was to do so immediately and only at the ATM machine, not getting in contact with a teller. The check was for well over $2,000 which didn’t make sense because she said she was only paying me $400. When i asked what the remaining $2,050 was for she said it was money for purchasing materials for her pet, which is obviously way too much to be spending animal supplies for the week. She contacted me by both email and text message but said we could not meet because she is not yet in my area and she could not talk on the phone because she is "hard of hearing" due to an accident while she was serving in the military. All of her messages are very urgently convincing me to deposit the check. Instead I went to the bank teller and they told me it was definitely a scam.

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By Ronald

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