Samantha Chew – Dope addict with DRDS Montana


DRD otherwise known as DRD…beware when you’re at guitars…they pop up when you least expect it. You can freeze them off, but it’s still contagious. You can’t tell by looking at someone and just because they aren’t having an outbreak doesn’t mean you can’t catch something you can’t wash off. I know who gave it to her… Samantha Chew…fake as her titties Chad Hawkins knows…Chris Willey knows…we all know Sam Chew/Hawkins/Willey is a dope Slore who uses her kids as pawns. That Carl Junction drug cop that drives a red dodge that she fuked and had him plant drugs on Chad knows…also knows he’s married. Married a dude a month after meeting him at guitars…classy… The number of baby daddies should be a red flag…the fact that two are cousins should be a red flag… Mark my words..she will get her “ninja rich” money as she calls it..quit her job and be broke by March…probably shacked up with another sucker…lucky for Jacob he’s dead… The drds will be the least of your pain when she’s done… She can’t hold a job and has stretch marks on her pussy She’s the reason everyone in her immediate life is miserable…her drinking and drugging, she neglects the kids and expects any family members or friends or dudes she can shack up with for a while to pick up the slack

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By Ronald

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